Bua Ban: Chiang Rai’s rising star

Bua Ban: Chiang Rai’s rising star

People who have recently┬ávisited the foodcourt in Chiang Rai’s Night Bazaar might have noticed a change in the entertainment program. Since August 2012 a relatively new artist called Bua Ban, which translates as Blossoming Lotus, is stealing the show. Bua Ban (Real name: Witchapon Wongtong), aged 22, has a mixed program of stand-up comedy and [...]

Lam wong dance and hired partners: Little known S-E Asian folklore

Lam wong dance and hired partners: Little known S-E Asian folklore

Lam wong is originally a Khmer and Laotion tradition where male and female or female couples dance around in circles.In Thailand during luk thung style festivals, lam wong was once was a popular pastime.People didn’t have a suitable dance partner hired one.Nowadays in Thailand this tradition is hard to find and has almost been forgotton.In [...]

Hotel California (alternative lyrics)

Hotel California (alternative lyrics)

Hotel California (alternative lyrics) In a dark downtown sidestreet, warm wind in my hairThe sickly smell of sewage, rising up through the airUp ahead in the distance, I heard a vague soundMy head grew heavy and my sight grew dimI had to stop for a roundThere she stood in the opening;I heard the ringing of [...]

Happy birthday Thai version

Here’s the happy birthday song in Thai/Isan Morlam style.Surprise your Thai friends on their birthday by posting this vid on their facebook:

Kanhu – My "ear" is itching

Last summer a YouTube video became an overnight hit in Thailand.In the video singer Jah performs an old luk thung song named Kanhu, which mean as much as; [my] ear [is] itching.Although the old song was indended to be unambiguous and innocent, scarcely dressed Jah managed to give a whole new meaning to the title in her show. [...]

Green frog and bullfrog concert

Ao Nang, KrabiWhen returning to my hotel last night I heard a strange sound coming from the kitchen.I first thought they had turned the TV on very loud with a show about Tibetan long horns or so, but that seemed a bit weird, so I went in to see what was going on.What I witnessed [...]


Had a similar car before, but never tried shopping for any ‘bitches’ in Walmart.In fact I’ve never seen a Walmart and more importantly; I aint so cool like dis bro from da hood..


Uhmpasa, seems like Kooffrey is celebrating racial sexist stereotyping.One Philipino lady seems to be Kooffrey’s wife, the other a friend or relative from Manila.

Lady Para sings about Lady Gaga

Another funny song from Isan; Para means fermented fish:

Strange Thai Mor lam version of "I Will Surive"

A Thai adaption in the so-called Mor lam style of “I Will Survive” from Gloria Gaynor’s 1979 Hot 100 no.1 hit I don’t know the name of the particular artist but another singer who adapts international pop-songs to national folk songs is Akiko Kanazawa from Japan. See for example: “Yellow Submarine Ondo” and “I Feel Love”