English subtitling fail

Seen on Thai MVtv channel: Not only do they show a ‘for screening purposes only movie’, which is illegal, but despite the fact that the movie is broadcasted in the original English version, MVtv or the company they bought/copied it from took the effort to subtitle it in English as well.Perhaps for the deaf and [...]

Kneesy, Earsy, Nosey

Maybe some of you have seen the 1933 Laurel and Hardy movie The Devil’s Brother or Fra Diavolo.In one scene Laurel is doing the trick Kneesy, Earsy, Nosey, it seems very easy but it’s actually quite difficult to learn to do it well, so Hardy finds out in the movie. Being a bit bored here [...]

My movie top 20

Copying Paul Garrigan a bit, who posted his album top 65 last week, I show my personal movie top 20.If you like action movies and special effects, ignore this post except for no.18.I like originality, so perhaps a better name is the top 20 most original movies after 1950. (As far as I can judge). [...]