Thailand’s kuddle industry

Welcome to the pagan Walhalla,  welcome to Thailand!
Men are enjoying their days on the beach, drinking beer and having sex with any local they can get their hands on, whenever they feel like.

Eventhough the stereotype of sextourism and sexpats in connection to the beautiful country persists, it is far from a catch-all phrase for those visiting or stay Thailand and the people they are meeting in the late hours.
The myth is that any Thai women working in so called beer-bars will engage in  sex with visitors. Although famous holiday hideouts encourage seem to treasure the stereotype, actually asking ‘how much’ like some ignorant visitors will bluntly do is basically a gross insult.
Women who work in bars have given the marketing concept of AIDA or Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, a whole new meaning, namely put the client in the centre rather than the ‘product’ on sale.
In Thailand to go out alone and especially drink alone is a strange concept.
The basic job of Thai women working in bars and sit down with visitors is  to show their attention, show that they are interested in you, and will try to make you feel that you are a desirable person which possibly gets your feeling of well-being and might turn you into action, but in many cases without having sex or at least not with them. Many women will merely help to boost a person’s ego or just to console someone.
Frequent visitors of beer-bars will realise after months that they have been friendzoned by one of these ladies without ever having shared a bed.
Although for the untrained eye it might look like all bars or beer-bars are basically brothels, many Thai women in drinking places do absolutely not look for sex. For outsiders it’s hard to know who’s who and of course women do not wear signs about what they are up to. Some women will entertain guest just as a hobby and for free, but for the rest many will earn income through so-called lady-drinks. Some of the women are on the pay roll, but most are working as a free-lancer.  Their work has a more therapeutic nature. Keywords are:  game therapy, amateur psychiatry and for visitors, in some cases a kuddle-therapy.  The women target a specific group, usually senior men, although this is not restricted to age and gender as many foreigners frequently visiting Thailand have found out. Depending on the place the clientele is not necessarily farang/Caucasian, but could be Japanese or Thai.
The companion women tend to keep a much lower profile than their more promiscuous colleges.  Some of them are older or less sexy, but this is certainly not a rule. Colleges will know when to assign a companion only women to certain visitors while they keep scanning for for more potentially fit candidates.
For the trained eye, companion clients can be singled out without too much problem. What they have in common is that they radiate loneliness.  Some frequent visitors are in a relationship or might even bring their partner along. They gave up hope to expect everything to come out from a single relationship.
Companion women pay attention to service and will try to fulfil the client’s wishes while refilling drinks at the right moment.
Some women are simply very funny. Others play a challenging game of pool, connect four or just show interest by listening.  It is not strictly needed to know at all times what the client is talking about.  A required skill however is to act appropriately and keep the the customer happy.
To stick to the AIDA rule, a confusing role is to flirt with the idea of potential ‘action’ by showing his or her desirability, often this is done as a quick touch on a person’s leg or shoulder. Other will let someone embrace them or sit on one’s lap, but many will hate this and when done it is  just intended as a joke.
Although I still have problems to escape from a feeling of replaced embarassement, in turn some men will lift the petite women up in their arms, to show their power, but this is certainly not appreciated by everyone. Simply putting an arm around one’s shoulder is often seen with older men of whom the companion women know they don’t have that much testerone left.
Many visitors simply need some physical contact just to be reassured of their existence. Occasionally there can be a notion of eroticism, but normally both or at least the bar lady will know that nothing else is going to happen happen. Some companion workers are in a relation and their partner might come in the late hours to pick them up, after they are finished.

Probably frequent visitors are remotely aware that the women let them win at the game every time if the’re into that, or that they always manage to be so entertained while listening to their boring monologues, but this is exactly the satisfactory part and there’s no real need to be too critical, since where else in the world could one get a similar therapy for just a few bucks?

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