Chiang Rai’s Dutch village street view

During my stay in Chiang Rai I was surprised to find out Dutch expats seemed to outnumber those from any other local farang community.
About 40 senior Dutch people enjoy a basic state pension from the Netherlands and are registered at the local Social Security Office. Many more are younger though and are making a living as entrepreneur.

In the main street near the night bazaar, Aye restaurant, da Vinci and as the name implies, the Old Dutch are all co-ownded by Dutch expats. Furthermore I discovered a Dutch/European expat shop, a bar and a second-hand bookstore in the surrounding area. A few others outside the city have a guesthouse or other holiday accommodations.
One family I met was living in Chiang Rai with three generations.

On road no. 1020 just before Tha Sai, there’s a secluded small Dutch enclave.
Many of the villa’s have a jacuzzi and a private swimming pool.
From what I’ve heard most of the homes were built by retirees begin of the millenium as permanent residence or as holiday homes too. Amongst others to escape the Dutch winter season. Earlier I have done some reporting about the so-called Swiss village in Isan (see also here).
What both stettlements have in common is that the homes are huge, luxerious and all are most of the time more or less deserted. In both villages I haven’t seen any expat around. Some Thai were taking care of the premises to make sure all is kept in a spotless condition. Now, more than a decade later, perhaps not all the owners aren’t that fit anymore to frequently visit or to permanently live there, or at least not during the hot Thai summer.

Many houses are surrounded by a small canal and have a Dutch style drawbridge with counter weights on top

The house on the left in the back has an artificial waterfall

This must be the most expensive house. It is huge and has a big round swimming pool.

For those interested, it’s for sale. (since 2010)

There’s even a windmill nearby.
From what I heard, there seem to be two.

I found that one house  has been put up for rent as a holiday accomodation. With a price tag of € 250 ( $ 330) per week, it comes with all luxery for max. 5 people, but since the website is in Dutch language only, the owners seem to target mainly Dutch or Flemish guests. When looking up the settlement on internet, I just got one hit in Dutch text only, so I thought it was interesting enough to publish.

Here’s a link to the Dutch Chiang Rai village on Google maps.

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