Slavery at Sea: A story of human trafficking in drawings by a survivor

Prum Vannak is a Cambodian survivor of human trafficking. His story is one of extreme poverty and of what people are sometimes forced to do in order to take care of their families. It’s also a story of gross neglect to supervise human rights violations  by authorities. Many trafficking victims don’t live to tell their stories. Vannak is one of the lucky few who returned home after their ordeal. Unable to pay for his pregnant wife’s hospital bill, Vannak decided to look for work away from home, on the Thai border. With others like him, he was caught in a web of trafficking and corruption, realizing only too late that he had been sold as a slave to a fishing boat. Read more about Vannak’s story in drawings and comments as he recollected it in this online e-book published by Radio Free Asia.
For more background information read here.

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