Old maps of Siam and surrounding countries

I love maps, specially old maps since they often tell a lot about history.
As I found out, it’s quite hard to get any decent old maps of Siam and neighbouring countries. Usually they are for sale only. I guess family of mr. van der Aa who made both maps in the early 18th century, do not receive any royalties anymore, so I thought it would okay to publish the maps below which happen to be privately owned. Click on the images to enlarge.

A map of Birma, Siam, Cambodia and Vietnam by Pieter van der Aa, Leiden, 1707. There’s no mention of Malaysia (Malacca), perhaps because it was disputed by the Dutch. Laos or Lan Xang, the empire of a million elephants, had just ceased to exist and was split into three kingdoms, all not shown on the map. Later Laos was reunited under French influence. Notably Northern Vietnam is called Regnum Un Quim (or Ouim). I’m not sure what it means. Those who do know, pls help me out.
Here’s another map made by Pieter van der Aa in the same period.
I’m not an historian but most likely his map has been based on earlier sources from the 15th or early 16th century, since the Mon kingdom of Pegu (Bagu) can be seen as well. Pegu was annexed by the Burmese in 1539.
A big part of Siam on the map is called Brama or Brema (Burma/Myanmar).
Malacca (Malaysia) is mentioned as well and Siam is eastwardly wedged in between Burma, Vietnam for a major part of what now is Laos.

A more recent map of the area.
As one can see Myanmar got a big part of the original Siamese Western coastline and Cambodia lost the Mekong Delta including what is now Ho Chi Minh city.

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