Hotel survival part VII: Omelette

Here’s how to fix a breakfast in the comfort of your own room

Stuff needed from left to right:

(Immersion) water boiler
After a run to the shop
Knife, fork or spoon (7/11)
A Bowl* (7/11)
Microwave proof plastic bag (7/11)
Sauce/pepper/salt (7/11)
Sausage (7/11) or any other things you like in the mix
Eggs (7/11)
Bread (7/11)
Water (Tap)

Break an egg or two in the bag

Cut up the rest

Put it in the bag

and shake

Immerse the bag into the water and boil*

until the mix is consistently cooked

Lovely isn’t it?

Cut it in two and add your flavours

Presentation is everything

*Use a bowl, since the little water in the cup I used tended to overboil.
When using a water boiler, closing the top will speed up the cooking process.

Our special thanks goes out to 7-Eleven, who made it worthwhile to give it a try

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