Fire exit vs. burglary defense: 0-1

As Paul Garrigan in his insightful blog suggests, Thai people in general seem to manage very well when dealing with ambiguity. This can be real eye opener for Western schools of thought, specially for those who are moving to a post Christian era.
The Buddhist background more or less eliminates dogmatic thinking where it concerns having an explicit opinion about everything as in: black or white, good or bad, yes or no, plus or minus, male or female, 0 or 1.
Still, partly due to the fact that not everyone seems to be too concerned about a good karma, there are many practicalities which perhaps do require some ‘digital’ logic.

This is an apartment building at Boomsiri road, Khao San, Bangkok:

Who’d like to think of Thailand, especially Bangkok, as a safe and peaceful place, the extensive anti-burglary measures prove you are wrong.

Like with many apartments, all windows have indoor and/or outdoor bars against burglars. In case of fire there’s no way for the renters to reach one of the ladders.

The only imaginable function left for the ladders is to guide potential intruders to the roof. Therefore the balconies have been turned into prison cages.
Now where is the logic in this?

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