Roi Et 101 club and other places to meet locals and farangs

The traffic light turns red, the traffic light turns green.
In short, Roi Et is the place one must have been.
In Roi-Et the place to be seen is the 101-club, which can accomodate about 2000 people and offers Isan style popular live music till 3:00 am, 7 days a week. Besides that 101 offers an outdoor BBQ and hotpot restaurant. 101 is located at Kolchapalayuk road. Next door on the corner there’s a large outdoor BBQ buffet restaurant.
Another popular night life place is My Thai disco near My Thay hotel which besides Western popular music offers live music and coyote dancers. By the way did you know that Coyote is an accronym for Cast Off Your Old Tired Ethics?
Farangers can meet up at the German/Thai runned White Elephant restaurant, Canadian/Thai owned 101 pizza besides the lake, Danish/Thai owned JJ restaurant, opposite Rose hotel, American/Thai owned Happy Mike or at the Petcharat garden hotel.
Also around Roi Et the’re seem to be at least three more ‘farang’ places, the most famous for it’s high quality being Swiss co-owned Enjoy restaurant, located near the road to the airport.
Estimates about the number of farang living in Roi Et city vary from 10 till 50.

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