Fishing trips around the world

Coral Island, Thailand – A couple of Germans wanted to go on a fishing trip.
The boat was expected to arrive at 9:00 and they were all set and ready. For a long time it didn’t show up and they called several times to the office in Phuket, who assured them that the boat was on its way. Of course the cliche joke about ‘Thai time’ was made. Finally the boat arrived at 9:45.
I thought it would be fun to imagine what could happen in the same situation in other countries.

Here are some examples:

Germany Boat arrives at 8:45, just to be on the safe side.
France Boat is delayed for indefinite time due to strikes.
UK Boat arrives on time, but all gear is looted.
Greece Boat is sold due to lack of funds.
Ireland Boat arrives, but the captain was pissed and fell overboard.
Norway Boat arrives as planned, but the guy on deck starts shooting at you.
Netherlands Boat arrives on time, but is hindered by Greenpeace activists to set sail, since fishing is cruel.
Italy Boat arrives at 4:00, but is sent back by immigration.
Suriname Boat arrives at 9:00 sharp, but not that day and probably not that week.
Indonesia You set out fishing, but use of dynamite kind of spoils the sport.
Russia Boat arrives, but after a while the vodka makes you forget what you came for.
Japan You go fishing as planned, but you feel kind of sorry for the whale.
Bangladesh Boat arrives on time, but is taken apart on the spot.
Jamaica Hey don’t worry man!
Somalia At sea you board a bigger boat and amongst others steal their fish.
Nigeria No boat, but then again you should never pay in advance.
Bermuda Boat arrived on time, but no one has heard from you since.
Palestina The crew arrives on time and blow up the rubber boat.
Libya It’s kind of cramped in there with the other 100 passengers.
US Boat arrives on time and sets sail, but hey, who wants to fish when you can drink beer in the onboard jacuzzi.

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