The life of Micha


One of the cottages in Palò
Micha is the only permanent inhabitant of Palò, situated near Lake Ledro, Italy. Palò consists of a dozen of barns, mostly being renewed to summer cottages. According to an owner of a cottage in the village, Micha was thrown out of a car around the new millenium and found a home at the top floor in one of the barns there and had to learn to adapt to living in the wild. In the beginning, in winter, Micha became as skinny as a skeleton each time and when feeding her, she would eat your fingers with it. Now being fully adapted to country-live in the mountains at about 700 meters (2300 Feet), gaining a sharp instinct, she manages to survive the harsh winters as well. In the first years Micha was often being ‘raped’ by stray cats with numerous kittens as a result.
In the third year during a jump from her home at the second floor in order to nurture her kittens, she broke one of her tendons and was unable to get back to her mewing offspring, which resulted in a small drama in Palò. Fortunately tourists later found her and reunited the family. Still Micha limps a bit and the owner of the cottage had her sterilized. Mainly in summer a lot of people will feed Micha with leftovers, but when there is nobody around, Micha’s diet consists mainly of small lizards, mice and moles.

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