Scrap Boeing 747 for sale in Udon Thani

A catching sight at Udon Thani International* Airport is an old One-Two-Go Boeing 747 owned by Orient Thai airlines.
The Jumbo is 26 years old now and has two engines left and is rumoured to be yours for just 5,000,000 Bath (€120,000/$155,000).
As of September 2008 One-Two-Go stopped flying leaving a fleet of 16 planes, four of which were sold or finished the leasing contract, another four 747′s and six DC-9′s remaining on the ground for two years now, part of them with the engines removed.

Full aircraft history Udon Thani 747:
13/09/1984 KLM N4551N
06/02/1991 KLM PH-BUV Stored 27/10/03
17/01/2004 One-Two-Go Airlines HS-UTK
08/12/2007 Garuda HS-UTK lsd from One-Two-Go
01/02/2008 One-Two-Go Airlines HS-UTK Ceased operations July 2008

Status 2009: Moved from Don Muang to Udon Thani on 14 August 2009. Hiring airport space in Udon is cheaper than in Bangkok i.e.: 600 Bath/day (€14.50 /$18.50) in Udon as opposed to 2000 Bath/day (€48/$62) in Bangkok.
In the week after two engines were removed.
Photo dd. August 2009 by Flatlander.

One week later.
Photo dd. 20 August 2009 by Lee.

Status 2010: On top the One-Two-Go colors and logo have been covered with adhesive foil, else it probably would give the owners a bad name.
Photo dd. 16 July 2010 by I-nomad.

The plane has been stationary for two years now, so why not turn it into a home or a hotel, like in Stockholm?

* Although Udon Thani airport was intensely used for bombing Vietnam in the 70′s by the US, currently the sole scheduled international flight from/to Udon Thani is operated by Lao Airlines to Luang Prabang several times a week.

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    I want to put that airplane in my yard!

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