15 Striking similarities between Thaksin and Berlusconi

Thaksin Shinawatra
Thai ex-pm / Icon redshirt party
Silvio Berlusconi
Italian pm
1 Leader of a nationalist populistic party with the country/peoples name in it
2 Entered politics in 1994
3 Ex-minister of foreign affairs
4 Became prime-minister in 2001
5 Authoritarian ruler, manipulating people though rhetoric and demagogy
6 Finished office in 2006
7 Longest ruling prime minister in the country’s history
8 Entrepreneur, media magnate
9 Owned/Owns a Major league Football club and gained other positions with conflict of interest
10 Published a book to glorify their leadership
11 Changed laws and made foreign visits solely for the purpose of private benefit
12 Put family at important positions in (former) company during terms of office
13 Company stock rose considerably during office
14 Billionaire
15 Faced multiple court cases concerning bribery, fraud, and corruption
16 Convicted

* Berlusconi was re-elected in April 2008.
** Not yet convicted

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